Court News & Notices

Sept 26, 2019
Notice of the Court's Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 19-20

Aug 19, 2019
Notice of Intent to Destroy Superior Court Records

Aug 1, 2019
Notice of Approval of Trial Court Budget Allocation (FY 19/20)

Jan 1, 2019
Tehama Adopted Bail Schedule
Tehama Local Bail Schedule

Feb 21, 2017
Updated Court Reporting Services
Effective Jan. 1, 2018

Aug 1, 2017
Tehama Superior Court Office Hours
Effective Oct 1, 2017

Aug 4, 2016
Master Calendar
Effective Nov 2, 2016

Jan 1, 2016
Statewide Fee Schedule
Effective Jan 1, 2016

Jan 1, 2015
Tehama County Superior Court Local Rules
Effective Jan 1, 2015

Info by Division

The Civil Division handles all civil matters, including family law, probate, guardianships, conservatorships, minor's compromises, civil, small claims and adoptions.

The Criminal Division has jurisdiction over felonies, misdemeanors, infractions.

he Family Court Services Division provides mediation in family law cases when separating or divorcing parents cannot agree on a child custody parenting plan.

Juvenile Delinquency cases are defined under Welfare and Institutions Codes and involve any persons under the age of 18 (minors) who are accused of violations of any law of the state or of the United States, or minors who are habitually disobedient or truant.

The Probate Court Division handles cases involving estates, trusts, guardianships, and conservatorships.

The Small Claims Division handles cases that do not exceed $10,000 and are resolved quickly and inexpensively with relatively simple and informal rules.

The Traffic Division has jurisdiction over Vehicle Code violations and local ordinance violations.

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About Us

Tehama County is situated in the northern Sacramento Valley, comprised of 1,888,670 acres and has a population of approximately 63,463. The Sacramento River runs through the central portion of Red Bluff, which provides endless varieties of outdoor recreation. Some of the greatest western events in the nation, such as the PRCA-sanctioned Red Bluff Round-Up, the Annual Bull & Gelding Sale, and the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association's Red Bluff Winter Round-Up, are held in Tehama County.

The Superior Court of California, County of Tehama, is a unified superior court, served by four judicial officers, one commissioner and one facilitator. The Court employs approximately 42 support staff.

Honorable C. Todd Bottke, Presiding Judge
Honorable Matthew C. McGlynn, Assistant Presiding Judge
Mr. Kevin Harrigan, Court Executive Officer


Tehama Superior Court
1740 Walnut Street
Red Bluff, CA  96080
Phone: (530) 527-3563

Self-Help Assistance and Referral Program
1740 Walnut Street
Red Bluff, CA  96080
Phone: (530) 527-8649

Juvenile Justice Center
1790 Walnut Street
Red Bluff, CA  96080
Phone: (530) 527-3563