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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates:

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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates:

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Case Management Conference

Instructions for Attorneys/Parties

Instructions for Attorneys/Parties

  1. All parties are required to file a Case Management Conference Statement (Judicial Council Form CM-110) at least FIVE days prior to EACH conference.
  2. Telephonic appearances are allowed at any Case Management Conference unless a personal appearance is specifically ordered by the Court. The Court uses AT&T Teleconference Services. (Note: Court Call is NOT available for Case Management Conferences.)
  3. The telephone number:
    Dept. 5 - Hon. Matthew C. McGlynn
    Phone: 888-808-6929
    Participant Code: 354966


If you do not file the Case Management Statement or attend the Case Management Conference or participate effectively in the conference, the Court may impose sanctions (including dismissal of the case and payment of money). A fee of $20.00 is required for any continuance of a Case Management Conference.

Updated Dec. 2014

  • Case Management Conference Statement

    Judicial Council Form CM-110

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