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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates:

For information and announcements concerning the COVID-19, please visit: COVID-19 Information Page.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates:

Para obtener información y anuncios relacionados con el COVID-19, visite: Página de información del COVID-19.

Local Rules

Current Rules

Local Rules for the Tehama Superior Court

Local Rules of the Court - Effective Jan 1, 2015

Standing Orders

Order Number Description Date Issued
2021-01 Rescission of 2020 Standing Order 01-04-2021
2021-02 Expenditure Authorization 01-04-2021
2021-03 Delegation of Authority to Clerks to Approve Fee Waivers 01-04-2021
2021-04 Assessing Fee for Official Reporter 01-04-2021
2021-05 Release of Juvenile Information 01-04-2021
2021-06 Family Law Facilitator Complaint Resolution Procedure 01-04-2021
2021-07 Preparation of Court Reporter Transcripts 01-04-2021
2021-08 Court Practices for Body Worn Cameras in the Courthouse 01-04-2021
2021-09 Provisional Qualification of Interpreters Authorization 01-04-2021
2021-10 Official Court Reporter Pro Tempore 01-04-2021
2021-11 State Fee Schedule 01-04-2021
2021-12 Destruction of Court Reporting Notes 01-04-2021
2021-13 Photography and Recording in Courthouse 01-04-2021

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